digital design


We develop proof of concepts and prototypes to help our clients get new product and service ideas off the whiteboard and out into the world.

With skills in: software engineering; electrical engineering; human factors; fabrication and installation, we are able to help our clients bring ideas to life for stakeholder meetings and test and evaluate these with customers.

digital brand and content strategy

Proof of Concept

We are able to help our clients realise their ideas through a rapid proof of concept process. To assist with this process the Knit team are experienced in running joint ideation workshops and hackathons with our clients, then turning these ideas into proof of concepts for stakeholder meetings or evaluation with customers.


Internet of Things

By 2020 it is anticipated there will be over 50 billion connected devices and objects. Knit have over five years experience in developing IoT connected products and services. Our team’s combined expertise in software engineering, electrical engineering, fabrication and installation allows us to develop IoT solutions that fit seamlessly into our connected world.



The next ten years is all about the impact of digital and physical merging and the connected experience for customers. Knit is one of the UK’s leading studios in developing the future for retailers in this space using creative technology.

creative technology


Creative Technology now plays a major role in delivering engaging experiences for brands in physical spaces and in many cases the technology is the experience. Over the last five years Knit has been leading the way in delivering multi-award winning interactive experiences for brands such as Nissan, Lucozade, BMW and Renault.

mobile apps


Mobile is at the heart of all strategic thinking around digital within physical environments and over 60% of all Knit’s work is mobile related. Whether that is app based in-store sales presenters, mobile e-learning, loyalty apps, event apps, responsive sites, app based internet of things interfaces for proof of concepts or prototypes and remote product interfaces.


Social Innovation

Social Media amplification is a key ROI measurement to gauge experiential campaign effectiveness. Knit has developed numerous award winning products that inspire dramatic increases in social engagement and brand awareness. These include: a Twitter activated Spotify Jukebox, a Twitter activated vending machine, an Instagram printer and a Facebook RFID sharing platform used by brands at experiential events worldwide.

rfid and nfc

RFID, NFC and Beacons

Knit was one of the first creative technology studios to realise the power of RFID and NFC for sales and marketing within physical spaces and implemented this technology at Nissan dealerships across the UK. We have also developed our own RFID social sharing system, which provides brands with a unique way of amplifying their brand messages at events. Our knowledge of beacon technology has seen us advise banks and retailers on how they can implement this technology in their high street stores. 

experiential installations

Interactive Installations

We have extensive experience developing highly engaging, interactive installations within retail, out-of-home and experiential environments. We are specialists in gesture control using Kinect and Leap Motion, voice activation, conductive ink, face recognition and a variety of other sensory input devices.

360 icon

Virtual Reality & 360 Video

Knit has invested in a 360º production facility, which enables us to film and edit 360º content for Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift. Our development team are able to create applications to display and view multi-channel VR experiences using Unity and native application development.

ux and experience design

UX & Experience Design

As part of the Foolproof Group, Europe’s largest independent experience design agency, Knit is able to deliver clients world-class UX and Experience Design services. We believe that technology should be invisible, creating a seamless and fluid experience for the user. We can help evaluate and refine solutions through data analysis and user research to help move ideas from quickly and successfully into mass market.