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Pokémon Go may have catapulted Augmented Reality (AR) into the headlines in 2016, but what does the future hold for AR and business?  We’ve been chatting to Scott Porter, Director of Creative Technology, to find out how AR can create value for business.

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Just three to five years ago only a handful of forward-thinking big retailers were integrating technology into their stores. These were mostly designed to facilitate point of sale promotions, to display branded content through screens or to facilitate browsing via iPads. When Burberry launched its flagship store back in London’s Regent Street in 2012 it was considered ahead of its time promoting its ‘high-tech wizardry’ as a way of replicating elements found in the Burberry World online.

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Our very own creative engineer Emi Mitchell is featured in The Guardian discussing the  journey that led her to join the team at Knit. From her childhood gaming days to studying creative computing at Goldsmiths, University of London, Emi talks about doing what she loves best - working in creative technology.

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